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When Krisztina is not working with stressed-out and amazing high school students, she writes about them and all the beautiful, crazy, painful, and diverse things that surround us every day.

Born and raised in Hungary, as a teenager Krisztina lived in many different places around the world, including Cuba, Lebanon, Uganda, and Syria. She received her BA in English, Spanish, and French Translation at the Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City where she lived for ten years. She's been calling Texas home for the past two decades where she resides with her husband and one of her three children who also lives in the city.  


She is the founder and administrator of two active online writers groups where she's met the most amazing and inspiring writers who support her every endeavor with their wisdom and enthusiasm.  During the day, she works with teenagers who never cease to amaze her with their creativity, humor, and resilience. She also mentors over-worked high school seniors during their college application process, helping them find their voice in the dreaded college essay and reminding them that even though college is important, where they’ll go is not who they’ll be. She's also often found as a photographer behind her camera catching those moments that can't be described with words.


Her newest adventure is the funding of a non-profit project that helps socially isolated high school students to find a safe and non-judgmental place to connect with peers through team activities. For more information check out their website


Her writings have appeared in publications and she's currently editing her third novel, a literary YA set in the present.  

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