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College admission essays can be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with what colleges look for in a personal statement essay. Krisztina will show you how to write an entertaining, narrative, story-telling style essay that catches the admissions officers' tired eyes and makes you stand out in the crowd. Many of the students whom she's tutored have been accepted into the colleges of their choice and while college essays are not the only part of the application process, it is an important one. So make sure you do your best.



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My experience with Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari was amazing. She helped me maximize my potential as a writer and helped me work with the college essays I wrote, and bring them to the next level. Through a combination of quick fixes such as word choice and grammar to more complex revisions like improving clarity, I worked a lot with Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari to be able to submit my essays with full confidence. After being accepted to several top-ranked universities and programs, I can certainly thank Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari’s college essay editing services for helping me produce finalized essays that enabled me to stand out as an applicant. 

~ S.M - University of Texas in Austin


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Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari is a gem of a person. I had the opportunity of working with her when applying to transfer colleges. She went out of her way to edit my essays under time constraints to make sure I could submit the most refined and polished essays. Her feedback truly made a world of a difference. She helped me communicate my own ideas and my own voice in the best way possible. In the end, I couldn't be happier with the essays I submitted. Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari is truly one of the most generous and compassionate people I know. It was an honor working with her. 

~ A.H - New York University


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The college application process is pretty frightening. But I was incredibly fortunate to have Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari provide incredible help with my college essays! Even on a short notice, she gave me extensive constructive criticism both on specific aspects of my essays and on the essays overall. She definitely knows what colleges are looking for in prospective students' essays - our own voice. And I'm grateful for Mrs. Moctezuma's guidance in helping me articulate my story in my own unique way. With her college essay advice I was fortunate to gain acceptance to Brown, Harvard, Rice, and UT Austin among other schools.

~A.R - Brown University


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I thought I knew what writing a college essay would be like but I was not prepared for the critiques Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari was going to throw my way. Each time I received an email back, her comments and suggestions were more detailed and her support very genuine. She really cared about my future and pushed me to write in a way that was my own.

~ M.A - University of Houston


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Going into the college application process, I felt completely overwhelmed by all of the requirements and deadlines, especially concerning the college essays. Through my time working with Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari on my application essays, I was better able to convey my own voice and passions in my writings. She truly helped me focus on the important details of my essays, giving constructive suggestions and critiques from beginning to end. Helping me improve the clarity and conciseness of my writings, Mrs. Moctezuma truly helped me feel confident in the final drafts I submitted. With my acceptance into several high-ranking universities, I feel extremely grateful for Mrs. Moctezuma’s support and aide throughout the whole college essay writing process.

~ M.E - Cornell University


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Working with Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari on college essays and applications has been such an amazing experience! I’m so thankful to have had her guide me through the stressful months of applying for college. Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari always provided amazing insight into the college application process and how I could put my best foot forward for everywhere I was applying. She was always happy to help me synthesize and revise my essays. Regardless of the day or time, Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari always made time to help me with my applications and ensure that I always understood her feedback. I’m so fortunate to have had someone like her who was such a great mentor and guide throughout the college application process.

~ M.N - University of Southern California


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I have known Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari for many years now and she continues to amaze me. The time and love she puts into everything she does is truly inspiring. Despite the stress of college applications, she continuously supported and encouraged me. Her insight and direction were unparalleled - she was there through all the highs and lows and to greet me with a huge hug when I received my acceptance letter from my dream university. 

~ C.P - Columbia University in the City of New York


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I am very grateful to have had Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari as my college essay advisor. I’ve always struggled finding ways to put my ideas on paper in ways that were fluid and impactful. With Mrs. Moctezuma, we worked on developing my ideas through several brainstorming sessions and then efficiently writing. The essays were all written by me, however Mrs. Moctezuma guided me into becoming a better writer by constantly asking me questions to reflect on my writing. With Mrs. Moctezuma’s help, I got accepted and am attending The University of Texas at Austin in the Cockrell Engineering Honors Program! Thank you, Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari!

~ E. P - University of Texas, Cockrell Engineering Honors Program


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Like many young scholars, I was stressed about crafting the perfect college essays. Mrs. Moctezuma Fehervari was a significant help in the application process. She not only helped me generate ideas - she also helped me grow as a writer by reflecting on my past experiences. I would definitely recommend her!

~ A.P - University of Texas in Austin


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