Literary Young Adult 


    Numbers crawl from Kell’s head into his fingers and not only when he plays his cello. He must tap everything five times, especially Father’s doorbell when he visits him each Friday. And blink five times. And clear his throat five times. It’ll be okay. Except it’s not.

    According to Father’s harsh, alcohol-infused teachings, if Kell doesn’t want to end up jobless like him, he must outsmart the foreigners who are here to steal our grades, our jobs, our culture. And by the way, music is for losers.

    But when Kell’s brilliant idea of a basketball challenge to keep the foreigners off the next math competition turns into a serious fight, things get out of control - calculators are destroyed, textbooks burned, bikes wrecked. After Kell defends a badly beaten foreigner, he becomes the target of violence too.

    With the help of grumpy Grandpapa’s hidden war diary and the bashfully silent and secretive Shadow Girl, Kell must find a way to get a grip on his blinking and tapping to stop what he started before someone gets severely hurt. 


Contemporary Women's Fiction 


    Hungarian teenager, Anna Toth, came to the United States just before the Berlin Wall crumbled, swearing never to look back. And she didn’t. Until twenty years later when a shoebox from her past arrived. Absorbed in nostalgia, she sets out to discover the truth about her past. But when she leaves for Hungary to find what she’s looking for, it’s not just her new country she leaves behind - it’s also a husband and two daughters and a hard-earned life.

    The Shoebox transports us to a place where eating is more than just feeding the body and dancing is more than a sport, in a time when people waited for a telephone line for eight years, went to church in secret, and picked snowdrops from underneath the hardened snow. 

    It is a tale of time's power to enhance the past and of acute grief that can both distort and elucidate the obvious.